Sustainability In Santa Fe


Did you know?

The pandemic temporarily closed many of the local recycling programs in Santa Fe, NM. It was in these closures that Broken Arrow Glass Recycling saw that our community had piles of glass recycling with nowhere to go but the landfill. Our small business decided that we could provide a place for this glass to go and that we could make the commitment to our community to keep glass recycling out of the landfill.  We are going forward with our creative glass recycling program because we can confidently tell you that we are keeping glass out of the landfill. 

Who and how are we helping?

Over the last few months, we have saved thousands of glass recyclables from the landfill in Santa Fe. Our business helps the local community on an individual level with basic convenient doorstep glass recycling and helps on a larger level by reducing the amount of glass recycling going into the landfill.  

We also service many local commercial business so that high glass waste producing establishments like bars, restaurants, hotels/bnb's, and more can easily recycle glass and play their part in our local closed loop and sustainable glass recycling program. 

How do we keep glass out of the landfill?

We upcycle as much glass as we can! We create handmade goods to give a second life to the byproducts of single use mass consumed glass recyclables.  

Currently, we are able to upcycle about 200-600 bottles a month. As of September 2021, we are receiving about 2,000 to 3,000 bottles a month. This means that we have to have other outlets for the glass recycling.

We have started crushing a bulk of the glass bottles into a cullet and sand so that the crushed glass can be utilized in a variety of different applications. Crushed raw glass material can be used in eco construction and landscaping.  It can be used for art making, and it can be used for erosion control. We are still learning of new and innovative ways that crushed glass can be utilized in different applications so that it can be kept out of the landfill. 

What is our Upcycling process?

To upcycle our glass, first we organize it by shape and color, then we de-label the bottles, hot cut the bottles, grind, and finally with heat, we form them into new products such as drinking glasses, vases, candle holders, sculptures and much more. Crushed and broken glass gets utilized in our terrazzo, which is glass and concrete mixed together, so that we can make sure every last bit of the glass we collect goes into its next life as a new product. We have plans to be melting down bottles into molten glass and we will be blowing glass art with recycled glass by the end of 2021. 

We are grateful to say that our small business fills a need and creates a sustainable outcome for glass recycling in our Santa Fe community.

 What Happens to Glass After it Gets Dropped off at the Local Transfer Station?

Please visit the glass recycling page at the Buckman Recycling Center's website to learn about glass recycling in Santa Fe.  

Picture below is a screenshot from the Buckman Recycling Center's website.