Shekby Kaye - Founder and CEO
Shelby Kaye was born and raised in Oklahoma City. She received her B.F.A. in studio art from New York University in 2015 and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2018, where she currently resides and owns a business called Broken Arrow Glass Recycling. Her sculptural practice focuses on constructing material-based works that invert, deconstruct, up-cycle, and transform everyday consumer glass products into new raw material.  


Rosemary Jane McDowell - Operations Manager

She/Her They/Them

Jane runs most of the hands-on side of the company, from the Doorstep Glass Collection Program to the manufacturing of glassware and landscaping material. She received her BFA from Hampshire College and has gone on to become a Jane-of-all-trades. She joined Broken Arrow Glass Recycling in its infancy and has been helping it grow ever since. On any given day she may be covered in grease repairing our glass crusher, driving around in our collection truck, "Big Blue", or fire polishing glassware for your drinking pleasure.